Storey Creek | Membership Information
Storey Creek Golf Club and Recreation Society is an award winning golf course with practice facilities, dining at the Creekside Grill, and golf professionals on hand to help you improve your swing. Learn more.
Golf Course Campbell River BC
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Membership Information


The Storey Creek Golf and Recreation Society is a non profit organization whose mission is: To provide a quality golf experience for the Members and Guests of the Storey Creek Golf and Recreation Society, while preserving our “Course in Nature”.

$99 Annual Subscription now available!

In 2018 we introduced a $99 Annual Subscription for the first time in the club’s 29 year history. Prior to that Lifetime Subscriptions had been available for between $2000 and $5000.

Lifetime Memberships in the Society remain available for $2000.00 (plus $100.00 GST). This is a non-redeemable ‘Class C’ initiation fee. The Member as well as his or her spouse may purchase dues under this one initiation fee.

$99 Annual Subscription holders are eligible for:

– All levels of Membership Dues. Each provide unlimited golf 365 days a year, April 1st 2019 – March 31st 2020
– 20 Game Packs (18 or 9 holes)
– Annual Powercart Pass
– Annual Range Passes
– 7 day advance booking of tee times
– 20% savings on Apparel, Gloves, Headwear
– 15% savings on Shoes and Miscellaneous Goods
– 10% savings on Equipment, Balls, Bags, Carts and Instruction
– 10% savings on all Green Fee rates all year
– 10% savings on all Green Fee Rates for your Guests all year
– Discounts on Entry Fees into Storey Creek Tournaments
– Eligibility to become a Director of the Society
– Voting privilege at Annual General Meeting (if membership is in good standing)
– Golf Canada Gold Card (Extra Fee: $50)
– Reciprocal Rates at various golf courses on Vancouver Island. Reciprocal Agreements 2018

2019/2020 Programs:

Member Age Category Dues GST Total
Super Seniors 80yrs+ $2129.00 $106.45 $2235.45
Seniors 65-79yrs $2299.00 $114.95 $2413.95
Adults 40-64yrs $2369.00 $118.45 $2487.45
Young Adult 30-39yrs $1629.00 $81.45 $1710.45
Young Adult 20-29yrs $1329.00 $66.45 $1395.45
Student 19-25yrs $599.00 $29.95 $628.95
Junior 13-18yrs $249.00 $12.45 $261.45
Junior 9-12yrs $99.00 $4.95 $103.95
Junior 5-8yrs $79.00 $3.95 $82.95
Adult Couples 40-64 $4499.00 $224.95 $4723.95
Senior Couples 65-79yrs $4449.00 $222.45 $4671.45
20 Game Pack Everyone $999.00 $49.95 $1049.95
20 Pack 9’s Everyone $599.00 $29.95 $628.95
Annual Cart Pass Seat Only $899.00 $44.95 $943.95
Members Cart Storage Fee Members Cart Area $185.00 $9.25 $194.25
Members Electric Cart Fee Members Cart Area $80.00 $4.00 $84.00
Members Trail Cart Fee $260.00 $13.00 $273.00
Annual Push Cart Pass $100.00 $5.00 $105.00
Annual Range Pass A 1 Large Basket Daily $237.14 $11.86 $249.00
Annual Range Pass B 2 Large Baskets Daily $371.43 $18.57 $399.00
Junior Range Pass 2 Large Baskets Daily $189.52 $9.48 $199.00

Wednesday night golf is a social gathering for male camaradarie…
the goal is to have fun and make new friends.

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All interested ladies are welcome to join Ladies Club and play on Tuesday mornings, Thursday evenings and/or Sunday mornings.

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Start early learning the great game of golf for fun and skills development for children and students.

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Thursdays are seniors’ men mornings. Join us!

Learn More

Golf Passes

No Annual Subscription fee is necessary for our Pass Programs.

Corporate Passes

For companies looking to thank their Customers, reward their Employees or invite their Suppliers for an amazing experience, the Corporate Pass might be the perfect vehicle. Your Golf Pass is available seven days per week with no time restrictions. The passes are also completely transferable. Each round includes a warm up basket of range balls.

Birdie Pass          30 Round Pass – $1800 plus GST

Eagle Pass           60 Round Pass – $3300 plus GST

Albatross Pass    90 Round Pass – $4500 plus GST

Twilight Pass

For individuals that enjoy playing golf later in the day, the Twilight Pass offers unlimited golf after 3pm April 1st – September 30th and after 12pm October 1st – March 31st. Purchase the pass on any calendar day and renew it 365 days later.

Twilight Pass      $1200 plus GST